Terms and Conditions

varaDel.com is a rental sharing service. Any user can give and take any rent and deal on that rental with varaDeal.com. There we have some terms and conditions for using the services


Advertisers can post there property on varaDeal.com for free. Advertisers and users are responsible for ensuring that advertising content, text, images, graphics uploaded for inclusion on varaDeal.com complies with all applicable laws.

The advertisers need to ensure the uploaded content including images, text and other information do not violate the rules and regulation of the country and that should not to violate any religious view. If so, then the advertisers are totally responsible for that.


All of the content such as copyright, trademark, services and other property are trademark on varaDeal.com. If anyone want to use the content of varaDeal.com for there personal or other use then they need to grant permissionn by varaDeal.com


varaDeal.com has right to publish or not publish any post that are irrelevent or violate the terms and conditins of varaDeal.com. The users information are encrypted on database for better security


A short time cookie is used to reduce user harassment and for better security.

Email and phone number of users

Users are required to submit a valid email and phone number to post an advertisement. The phone number will verify by sms verification.

Link to third party website

varaDeal.com link can contain on third party website. It will not responsible for that and varaDeal.com not investigate about that.


It is unacceptable to disclose the contact information of others through the varadeal.com . If you violate the laws of country residence you forfeit the privacy right over your personal information.