How can I find a rental property near my location ?

You can find a rental property by searching or selecting location and category

1. Search

2. Selecting location and category


Lets, you are searching a house for rent on mirpur within 10 thousand bdt

1. Search "House rent in mirpur dhaka"

2. then select max budget as 10,000

৩) select number of beds you are searching for

Selecting Category and location

Select category by clicking any category icon and select a location

How can I post my property for rent ?

1. Click on button "বিজ্ঞাপন দিন"

2. Then click on button "সাইন আপ" and create an account on

3. Select a category and a location then give put some renal information and submit your ad

It will need 2 to 3 minutes to accomplish the whole procsess

How much cost to post an ad on ?

It is completely free to post an ad on, Share about to your friends and family such that it could help you later a lot